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Picnicking: Let's Savor the Moment

Picnicking: Let's Savor the Moment

Life in the Time of Isolation has made us all appreciate the simple things. Sure, technology is asserting itself as the master of our practical existences – virtual meetings from our living rooms, online shopping day and night, self-driving cars and dinner deliveries – but relaxation is more about how we used to do it, generations ago. 

Take a picnic by the beach, or a take-out lunch in the park.  Just a year ago these suggestions sounded pretty quaint. Now, two people sitting on a blanket under a tree with a nice spread of food isn’t just a scene out of Norman Rockwell America - it’s you and your closest friend this afternoon.

The important thing about an al fresco lunch is that it takes a bit of preparation.  A picnic isn’t the same thing as a day hike, or a backyard BBQ.  Where Nalgene bottles and paper plates might do for these, a picnic demands a touch of quality.  A picnic is a sensual experience; it’s about elevating and savoring the moment.

Whether you’re enjoying a pinot noir with pumpernickel and cheese, or a cup of roast coffee with your dessert pastry, you can make your picnic as memorable as you wish.  With the right trappings – a zippered tote for the feast, a clean cloth to lie on, a discreet cover for that bottle of wine, a thermos that keeps your soup or cocoa piping hot, with just the right amount for two – you want to create an ambience that transforms something plain into something unforgettable.  

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