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Kigumi Wooden Art

Kigumi Japanese wooden models are the perfect gift for any fan of classic Japanese architecture. Now two of Kigumi’s most popular kits, Himeji Castle and Osaka Castle, are available for those who love the lore and history of the lofty keeps and stone ramparts of Japan’s feudal warlords. It is only appropriate that the UNESCO World Heritage site, Himeji Castle, and the historically significant Osaka Castle are the first of the larger collection to reach the U.S. Clear English instructions make the assembly of these highly articulated replicas an enjoyable challenge for teenagers and up, with results that can be enjoyed as thematic décor or used as fascinating historical reference.   Other models of famous Japanese castles and temples, including the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Todai-ji Temple and the Five-Tiered Pagoda of Nara, are also available upon request.
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5 in stock