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7-Layer Kaya Kitchen Cloth


 When using for the first time, the Kaya Kitchen cloth appears rigid and taut.  A thorough washing in warm water transforms the Kaya Kitchen cloth to a soft texture. 

Product features:

Rayon yarn is used which is 1.3 times more water-absorbing than cotton, and is resistant to oil stains so you can remove oil stains just by wiping them. In addition, because of the layered texture weave unique to Kaya fabric, it has excellent breathability and quick drying, so it can be used hygienically.

Product Dimensions (inch): L/11.8×W/11.8×H/0.1
Color Box Dimensions (inch): L/4.7×W/4.7×H/0.6
Product Weight (oz): 1
Materials: Cotton 100%(Face), Rayon 100%(Back)
Color Variation: Flag Red, Flag Blue, Flower Blue, Flower Yellow
Do not use chlorinated bleach as it may cause deterioration of the product.



Kaya cloth was initially used as a barrier over beds to keep mosquitoes at bay.  Workers, notably female, would stitch Kaya cloth into these mosquito netting.  At the end of the day remnant fabric would gather and rather than disposing these unusable remnants, these ingenious women stitched multiple layers of Kaya cloth and re-purposed waste into a valuable new product. . the rest is history.


TOLQ is a Tokyo-based fashion apparel concept developer focused on breathing new life into vintage and heritage styles and movements.

The trompe l’oeil painting technique of the 18th and 19th century Europe is used in modern print applications to create 3D illusions and vintage-like apparel.

Project : Archives

In a world where illusion often trumps truth, TOLQ finds value in the past, and recreates it in fun, high-energy, trend-forward fashions.