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Seven Layer Kaya Kitchen Cloth - Assorted Four Piece Pack

Color: Assorted

When using for the first time, the Kaya Kitchen cloth appears rigid and taut.  But after soaking for thirty seconds in warm water the rayon material becomes soft and pliable.  Offering excellent scrubbing action, and resisting odors, Kaya kitchen cloths are perfect for wiping most surfaces.  Enjoy the highly effective cleaning power of this sustainable product!  Please avoid the use of chlorinated bleach with rayon, as it may cause deterioration of the material.


Product features:

Rayon yarn is 1.3 times more water-absorbing than cotton, and is resistant to oil stains, so you can remove oil stains just by wiping them. In addition, because of the layered construction of Kaya fabric, it has excellent breathability and dries quickly, making it hygienically superior to cotton or polyester.



The birth of the product is said to have occured when female workers in the mosquito netting industry saw the superiority of rayon wash cloths over cotton, and began sewing together unused scraps for use as wash rags in their homes.  The market potential of this application was soon recognized, and a new product was born.  To make the rayon more durable, multiple layers of rayon were sewn together, which did nothing to reduce the quality of the cloth, which cleaned very effectively and enirely resisted the mouldy odors of cotton.  


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