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APELUCA Tabletop Smoker

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With this portable, small smoker, smoking your own foods at home has never been so easy. The Tabletop Smoker gives you delicious smoked food in just 10 minutes!

  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors. It works on a gas burner. Compatible with regular gas stovetop, portable propane gas stove, discrete single burner camp stove and outdoor gas grill(a side burner preferred).
  • Supports both smoker chips and smoker wood. Comes with storage bag, 50g SAKURA (cherry wood) wood smoker chips, 100g SAKURA smoker wood, instruction manual and recipe book. You can start smoking right after the item arrives.
  • The tabletop-sized product is easy to carry and care for. Very lightweight(1.8lb). Great for bringing it to picnic, camping, glamping and any types of outdoor parties. The ever stylish and unique design is an eye catcher for any occasions/events.
  • Great for making smoked finger food or appetizers to pair with drinks. Provides a nice smoking fragrance: smoke gently escapes from the top ventilation hole.
  • No more a long waiting to smoke! With simple easy steps, you can enjoy delicious smoked foods wherever and whenever you want.
  • Made in Japan.


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