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Caprin Buddhist Bell

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Product Description:

The Caprin is a modern Buddhist ‘orin’ bell designed to accent the décor of a modern home or office. With a beechwood clapper stick crafted to stand up independently, allowing the bell to be rung against the stick, the Caprin elegantly reverses the traditional method of ringing a bell.  The stick also serves as a stand to support the bell, which will continue to issue its clear chime even after it is replaced atop the clapper.  Use the Caprin to awaken mindfulness, and cherish it for a lifetime.

Brand Story:

Sotto is dedicated to the creation of high-quality Buddhist accoutrements for the practice of prayer, meditation and mindfulness. 


Size & Materials:

Size: W62 × H87mm (body + clapper)



Brass, Beechwood



Do not place the Caprin near heat or in direct sunlight, and avoid drafty locations and cold, as these can discolor the metal and wood.  Do not place the Caprin on the floor or low places, nor above the height of anyone’s head.  Take care that the Caprin is never positioned where it might fall, as damage or injury can result if the bell falls on, or is stepped on, by anyone. 



Always take care that the Caprin is on a stable platform and cannot fall. Allowing the bell to fall can cause damage or injury.  Only use the Caprin for its intended purpose, and be sure that it is always securely stored out of reach of children.  Do not allow children to use or touch the Caprin as unanticipated, serious injury may result. As a safety precaution never to use a damaged Caprin.  A damaged Caprin cannot be repaired.


Country of Origin:

Made in Japan


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