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Ecocarat Bottle Drying Stick

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Product Description:

The Ecocarat bottle drying stick has five times the drying power of diatomaceous earth.  Manufactured from nanoporous ceramic, the Ecocarat drying stick cuts drying time by more than half.  Just place it in a canteen or bottle to quickly dry it out, thereby inhibiting the build-up of bacteria, mold or unpleasant odors.


Brand Story:

Marna is a product design company dedicated for more than 140 years to product innovation that improves our daily lives.  Marna’s mission is simple: to spread smiles of satisfaction around the world.  Designing and creating goods that truly answer needs – whether for the kitchen, bathroom, shopping, cleaning or anything we do each day – is the passion that drives Marna’s quest for quality solutions.






Body: Nanoporous ceramic

Handle: Silicon



For best results rinse and remove all water, then insert the drying stick.  The stick can be inserted into bottles with a neck larger than 28mm.



The stick is easily broken. Take care not to drop it or subject it to impact.  Some powder residue may appear on the stick due to the manufacturing process; this will not affect human health.  Ceramics are subject to some surface irregularities, variances in color, flaw, etc., which are normal.  The silicon cover is fragile, and may break or tear if subject to impact against a hard object.  Do not use this product for other than its intended purpose.  If this product is found to be defective, return it to the seller for replacement.



After using the stick place it in a location with good ventilation to allow it to completely dry.  If a stain occurs, the surface may be cleaned with a cotton swab and a small amount of soda or chlorine bleach.  For larger stains a weak detergent may be used to wash the area.  Rinse thoroughly and dry in a well-ventilated place after cleaning.  Do not clean with hard kitchen sponges, wash cloths, scrub brushes or wire wool, as these may damage the finish.


Country of Origin:

Made in Japan


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