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GENKI-KUN Toe Stretcher with A Band

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The first Toe Stretcher in the world!

With over one million pairs sold in Japan, GENKI-KUN is the first Toe Stretcher in the world. It is widely used by professional athletes, actors, and models.

Worn properly relieves stress on your feet, pain from bunions, hammer toe deformities, varicose vein, and inflammation.

Painful! But it feels good! Just put it on your toes and your feet will feel better!!

 A toe-stretching device that can improve foot pain such as sports injury, cold, swelling, hallux valgus

Do you have such trouble?

There are coldness and swelling of feet on a daily basis.

I often get injured in sports.

We are anxious about distortion of the body.

I am tired of my feet because I am wearing pumps and pointed shoes.

I want to improve toe troubles such as hallux valgus, varus gavel, floating finger.


why does this kind of trouble occur?

"Because the muscle strength of the toes is reduced!"

In the past, people were able to move around on the ground barefoot using the five toes freely. However, in recent years the means of transportation such as cars has increased, and people have less time to spend their feet.

If you don't exercise, you will lose strength not only your feet but also your whole body. Therefore, it can be said that modern people have lower toe strength than anything before being automated. Essentially, the toes in good health are the toes of early childhood children. The active, powerful, and flexible movements of the toes are one of the most important functions of people.


Women are particularly vulnerable to muscle strength!

Women often wear pointed shoes and high heel pumps. If you wear such shoes for a long time, your toes will be tightened and your toes will be squeezed. If this situation continues for many days, you will not be able to step on it with your toes. In addition, the blood flow at the toe of pressure is worse. Coldness and swelling are caused by bad blood flow.

In addition, hallux valgus often found in women is caused by pressure on the toes with pointed shoes and shoes with high heels. The same is true for floating fingers and small flippers, and the current situation is that children's floating fingers are also increasing due to mismatched shoes.


What is the problem with many feet for women and children?

"Hallux valgus"
In the hallux valgus, the big toe is bent to the little finger side.
At the same time the groin part comes out. If it gets worse, the thumb may get under the forefinger and middle finger and overlap.

"Digitus Minimus Varus"
Contrary to hallux valgus, the little finger is bent to the thumb side and the root part protrudes to the outside.
The fingernails of the little finger may hit the ring finger and cause octopus.

"Floating finger"
The floating finger has the center of gravity on the heel, and the toes of the toes are stuck on the ground.
It is said to be the biggest cause of physical upset, though it is not obvious in appearance without any deformation etc.


Can you move your toes freely?

The legs are essentially structured to be able to move as freely as fingers.

When I was a baby, I was able to open and move my toes freely. The reason is that babies balance their bodies by moving their toes.

However, if you wear shoes as you grow, your toes will be tightened. As a result, it becomes difficult for the toes to move, causing deformation. The deformed toes block the flow of blood, resulting in poor circulation. Problems such as cold and swelling are caused by poor circulation.

In modern society, the muscles of the legs have been diminished due to lack of exercise and being blessed with vehicles. The weakening of the muscles has diminished the original function of the legs. If you do so, you will not be able to support your weight in a well-balanced manner, and it will be easier for you to fall, and you may endanger your knees and hips by making a bad walk.


To recover the muscles of the toes, "GENKI-KUN Toe Stretcher" was born.


Are your feet healthy?

Five checks of foot health law!

The following items are the check charts that were published in the book "Dangerous Jogging" by Dr. Simon Wikler, a U.S. American foot doctor. If all of the following items apply, it is a healthy foot.

① Foot finger can be spread out.
Is A larger than 10 mm and B wider than 5 mm between the thumb and index finger and between the little finger and the ring finger?

Achilles tendon stretches enough.
Does the top turn from the ankle to the front more than 25 degrees?

③ Achilles tendon is shrunk enough
Do you push the ankle forward and make the heel and toe angle less than 20 degrees to the floor?

There are enough toe muscles.
Can you bear if you squeeze your little finger and ring finger?

 Arch is thick.
Are the arches of the soles of the feet (archs) more than 1cm thick?


What is the effect of spreading your toes?

・Sports injuries, back pain measures can be taken.
The muscles of the toes are connected to the entire lower body, including the Achilles tendon. The flexibility of the Achilles tendon increases at the same time as the toes, so it is effective for sports injuries and for back pain. And it also helps to train the trunk, which is an important body creation for athletes.

・Coldiness, swelling can be improved.
Opening the toes at the end stimulates the pressure point and improves blood flow. It is possible to improve the coldness and swelling caused by poor circulation. In addition, when circulation improves, metabolism is activated and fat is burned. Therefore, the diet effect is enhanced.
When used in a bathtub, it warms faster than when used normally, and is more effective.

・Improvement of metabolic function.
The point of the lymph gland at the base of the foot is stimulated to boost immunity. At the same time, massage of the adrenal glands drains excess water and waste products and enhances metabolic function.

・Flexibility is improved by improving the arch function.
By enhancing the flexibility and strength of the toes, the arch function, which is the role of the sole cushion, is enhanced. (It is said that the collapse of the arch of the sole causes various troubles of the foot.) When the arch function is enhanced, the sole becomes flexible and the strong and flexible foot can be regained. This effect can be felt clearly when using foot yubi-kun.

・We can prevent trouble of foot.
Daily use of Foot Yubi-Genki increases toe flexibility and strength. The cause of foot problems is mainly due to a decrease in the dorsal interosseous muscles, bottom interosseous muscles, and wormlike muscles.
Foot Yubi-Genki-kun can increase muscle mass such as dorsal inter-bone muscles, bottom-side inter-bone muscles, and wormlike muscles that are difficult to train in daily life. Therefore, it is possible to prevent hallux valgus, hallux valgus and floating fingers.
In recent years, children with less developed muscles wear shoes that do not fit their feet, and are rapidly increasing. It also helps in the early improvement of such foot disease (mostly hallux valgus) of children.


-How To Use-

"Wide angle movement"
Accordion movement of each finger becomes possible naturally.
・Measures against athlete's foot and hallux valgus and varus smallpox.
・Your fingers and hips will spread.

"Shiatsu exercise"
Each finger is stimulated to play a role in promoting blood circulation.
・It is effective for chilliness and swelling.
・Corn and horny and nails will be clean.
・For diet

"Walking exercise"
As you can naturally put the center of gravity on the thumb side, you can learn how to walk correctly.
・Improvement of lower body flexibility and prevention of injuries
・To improve the sense of balance
Please use the strap for walking exercise

"Exercise by hand"
While wearing, grab by hand and turn slowly.
・For promoting blood circulation and improving flexibility of toes and toes.

"Nigiri movement of each finger"
It is the same principle as clogs. (You can not walk unless you put pressure on your toes)
・For measures of hammer toe and floating finger
・For diet

"Foot bath・Bathing"
You can use it for foot bath and bathing, and it will improve blood circulation further.
・Improved metabolism
・For coldness and swelling


-How To Wear-

Spread your fingers one by one and wear them in order. Please attach firmly to the base of the finger.
We recommend straps (sold separately) when walking.


Size chart

S size = 2.5 - 6
M size = 5.5 - 9
L size = 8 - 11.5

Product Dimensions (inch):



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