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Five Toe Socks

The Five Toe Socks features an innovative cushion system that has many benefits that include: Eases the burden on the sole of a foot.
  • Provides proper amount of stimulation to the toes.
  • Supports toes to help with the body’s balance when standing firmly.
  • Increases effectiveness of the training by supporting correct posture during exercise or walking.

The raw cotton is treated with the antibacterial agent using a special process that allows the fine particles to get into the center of each fiber which means NO SMELL!  Incredibly well-made, the Five Toe Socks also feature high wash-durability and odor preventing properties.

※Wash inside out. Hang by the opening of the socks and dry in the shade.

Size: 5-7 / 7-9 / 9-11 / 11-13
Materials: Cotton-56%, Acrylic-24%, Nylon-18%, Polyurethane-2%
Color Variation: Black