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Five Toe Socks

The Five Toe Socks features an innovative cushion system that has many benefits that include: Eases the burden on the sole of a foot.
  • Provides proper amount of stimulation to the toes.
  • Supports toes to help with the body’s balance when standing firmly.
  • Increases effectiveness of the training by supporting correct posture during exercise or walking.

The raw cotton is treated with the antibacterial agent using a special process that allows the fine particles to get into the center of each fiber which means NO SMELL!  Incredibly well-made, the Five Toe Socks also feature high wash-durability and odor preventing properties.

※Wash inside out. Hang by the opening of the socks and dry in the shade.

Size: 5-7 / 7-9 / 9-11 / 11-13
Materials: Cotton-56%, Acrylic-24%, Nylon-18%, Polyurethane-2%
Color Variation: Black


TOLQ is a Tokyo-based fashion apparel concept developer focused on breathing new life into vintage and heritage styles and movements.

The trompe l’oeil painting technique of the 18th and 19th century Europe is used in modern print applications to create 3D illusions and vintage-like apparel.

Project : Archives

In a world where illusion often trumps truth, TOLQ finds value in the past, and recreates it in fun, high-energy, trend-forward fashions.