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Hyper Adjustable Wrench ZERO

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※Available in 4 sizes.・HM-25 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1 inch (25 mm) ・HM-32 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1.3 inch (32 mm) ・HM-38 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1.5 inch (38 mm) ・HM-43 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1.7 inch (43 mm) ・The backlash can be removed by adjusting...
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※Available in 4 sizes.
・HM-25 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1 inch (25 mm)
・HM-32 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1.3 inch (32 mm)
・HM-38 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1.5 inch (38 mm)
・HM-43 → Caliber 0 inch ~ 1.7 inch (43 mm)

・The backlash can be removed by adjusting the form of this wrench.
・The opening can be widened and set without the need to readjust.
・Without the backlash, the bolts and nuts are not being damaged.
・Using this monkey wrench feels the same as the basic wrench because there is no need of readjustment.
・This wrench is slim and light. The opening can be readjusted until one 1.7 inches Note: Readjusted comparing to what? Took the number out of the description.
・The part where the most strength is applied is wide. It is easy to hold, and hands don’t hurt when adding strength.
・Both sides of the worm-screw are raised. This prevents abrasion and unintentional rotation of the worm-screw. 
・There is a safety cord hole for to prevent dropping the wrench from high places or losing it. 


It is a perfect tool for car manufacturing, factory machine maintenance, and work in high places such as electric installation.



・Please adjust to the width across flats of bolts and nuts.
・Do not add any extensions to the pipe.
・Do not use it as a hammer.
・Do not use for any purpose other than the intended use of the tool.


【Development story】

The process that led to the development began with the desire to eliminate the stereotype that there was a backlash of the monkey wrench more than 20 years ago.

① Since a normal adjustable wrench has a tapered mouth, it will not come off if the nut is added at the base of the jaw. When replacing, turn the worm to widen the mouth opening, remove the nut, change the angle, and then tighten the nut again. In order to add the nut at the base, it is necessary to turn the worm to close the mouth opening and turn it (re-adjustment of the mouth opening).

② Many users find it difficult to re-adjust the mouth, so the nut is held at the tip of the monkey wrench jaw, and the nut is inserted into the jaw as it is without retightening with a worm.

Since the jaw base is wider than the tip of the jaw, there is a gap between the nut and adjustable wrench. ①

③ In addition, due to the structure, there is a gap between the worm part and the jaw part of the adjustable wrench. ②

④ There is a possibility that the angle of the nut may be licked due to the play of ① and ②, and the recognition that there is play when tightening the nut with a monkey wrench is widened. There is a stereotype that dampens the nut angle).

⑤ In order to eliminate this stereotype, our development department has worked hard, and our original mechanism developed more than 20 years ago is a backlash-less worm (black and silver worm sandwich the jaw and eliminate the gap) .

⑥ Backlash-less worm, without chrome plating for pursuing processing accuracy (thickness cannot be controlled by plating), parallel mouth opening, wide mouth opening, worm protector, asymmetric handle, safety cord hole, etc. Launched Hyper Wrench (1986).

⑦ Our company, backlashless worm patent, has expired over 25 years, the patent expired, rival competitors developed a monkey wrench with a similar look and function, and began to circulate in the world.

Hyper Adjustable Wrench ZERO is the ultimate monkey wrench, which has the pride that our company is the original development, and has improved and updated the hyperwrench such as new design and higher processing accuracy.

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