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Konjac Puff Facial Sponge

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Konjac Puff Facial Sponge is a plant based facial cleansing sponge made from a root vegetable call "Konjac".  It was developed by “Yamamoto Farm” in Gunnma prefecture in Japan 120 years ago.  Originally used to cleanse babies, over time the Konjac sponge has been embraced by Japanese women to gently clean facial skin and improve complexion

Japanese women have relied on the Konjac sponge to maintain a glowing radiant look. The Konjac Puff Facial Sponge is incredibly soft and gently exfoliates while cleansing the face.

 Yamamoto Farm established in 1990. They only use their own facility to make all of their konjac sponges and don’t use any chemical additives.  Yamamoto's Konjac Puff Facial Sponge is not only popular in Japan but all over the world such as France, Canada, USA and other Asian countries.



  • Materials: Konjac Mannan, Calcium Hydroxide
    • No.1 selling “pure white puff”. Plant based fined fibers gently clean your face. This is good for sensitive skin.
  • Charcoal / Material: Konjac Mannan, Bincho Carbon Black, Calcium Hydroxide
    • This contains Bincho Carbon Black. The Bincho Carbon Black help clean out the sores and keep your skin clean.
  • Green Tea / Material: Konjac Mannan, Powdered Green Tea, Green Clay, Calcium Hydroxide
    • This contains green tea leaves planted in Shizuoka prefecture where is the most famous green tea leaves’ city in Japan. Green tea leaves has a feature of anti-bactericidal and it helps suppress inflammation of acne and pimples, and also has a whitening effect to prevent spots.
  • Cherry Blossoms / Material: Konjac Mannan, Cherry Blossom Leaves Extract, Pink Clay, Calcium Hydroxide
    • This contains Cherry Blossom Leaves Extract. Somei-Yoshino Cherry Blossom Leaves help improve rough skin, have anti-inflammatory and whitening. Sakura color is made of Pink Clay and no coloring is used.

 Usage Notes

  • Since Konjac sponge is plant based natural fibers, the usage period is approximately 4 weeks.
  • If you have trouble with your skin, please stop using it immediately.
  • Avoid using with cleansers with harsh chemicals.  Konjac is plant based and fibers may be degraded by harsh chemicals.
  • After use gently squeeze all water out of Konjac Juicy Sponge.
  • As with all items exposed to moisture, improper care can lead to the presence of mold.  If you detect presence of mold, discard sponge.

The Spec and Size

  • Product Dimensions (inch):  L/2.6 × W/2.6 × H/1.1


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