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Classic Herringbone Pattern Knit Cardigan

$196.00 $280.00

The Uchiyama cardigan is a two-tone, five-button sweater of blended yarn in a tight herringbone pattern.  With classic cardigan drape and a combination of light and dark yarns that play beautifully in any light, and grow luminous in morning and late afternoon sunlight, this cardigan is made for picnics, garden parties and outdoor dining.   Acrylic 70%, Wool 30%  


TOLQ is a Tokyo-based fashion apparel concept developer focused on breathing new life into vintage and heritage styles and movements.

The trompe l’oeil painting technique of the 18th and 19th century Europe is used in modern print applications to create 3D illusions and vintage-like apparel.

Project : Archives

In a world where illusion often trumps truth, TOLQ finds value in the past, and recreates it in fun, high-energy, trend-forward fashions.