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Skull Money Clip Pocket Knife

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This small pocket knife has an overall length less than 4 inch.
It weighs only 1.4 ounces.
Blade is made out of super steel VG-10.

Skull money clip series

The blades are made of high quality cutting tool steel VG-10 and are small but excellent in sharpness. The nail mark of a knife (a groove for opening by hooking nails) is made with the image of a Japanese sword. That's the image of Seoul, a knife craftsman, following a swordsmith 800 years ago.
【Frame lock】
The frame lock can be released and the blade can be closed by pushing up the notch of the handle. It is the same structure as the liner lock.

Product Size (inch): Full Length - 3.8
                                  Blade Length - 1.6
Product Weight (oz): 1.4
handle types: two tube slots & holes


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The trompe l’oeil painting technique of the 18th and 19th century Europe is used in modern print applications to create 3D illusions and vintage-like apparel.

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In a world where illusion often trumps truth, TOLQ finds value in the past, and recreates it in fun, high-energy, trend-forward fashions.