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Robojari Necklace

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Product Description:

Robojari is a hand-crafted pearl robot pendant with bespectacled eyes of curious intelligence.  Each Robojari is composed of a brass or silver-plated ingot body and pink pearl head with cut glass eyes, and every Robojari is unique in its expressive features.  Worn on a charm bracelet or necklace – or even as an earring - this glittering figure is sure to empower the owner with magical attraction and mystical charisma.


Brand Story:

Okko Pearl is a jewelry-maker of the finest quality Japanese pearls from Mie Prefecture, the traditional source of coveted Akoya pink pearls.  Okko’s pearl characters, Kakkun and Robojari, utilize genuine baroque pink pearls which are not suitable in traditional necklaces, earrings and jewelry.  Rather than discard these beautiful creations of nature, Okko gives them a new life in the form of Kakkun and Robojari character pendants.


Fit & Sizing:

Small, Medium, Large



Akoya pearl from Mie Prefecture, Japan

Brass, Silver

Cut glass



Remove this pendant when playing sports. Keep out of reach of children. 



Dry with a soft cloth.  Remove from chain to display as an ornament.


Country of Origin:

Made in Japan


TOLQ is a Tokyo-based fashion apparel concept developer focused on breathing new life into vintage and heritage styles and movements.

The trompe l’oeil painting technique of the 18th and 19th century Europe is used in modern print applications to create 3D illusions and vintage-like apparel.

Project : Archives

In a world where illusion often trumps truth, TOLQ finds value in the past, and recreates it in fun, high-energy, trend-forward fashions.